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CEE – Culinary Education Experts is an official partner of Culinary Arts Academy Switzerland

When students contact CEE, they are in direct contact with the school, receive up-to-date information and qualified guidance. Our guidance does not cost the student anything and no application or registration fees are charged. This allows us to offer the student the most suitable guidance. Our personal commitment and personal interest in each student gives us a unique relationship with both the student and parents where we are always on hand and always available.

CEE is operated by Mr Levi Kritikos, a former student of Swiss Education Group. And having made a career in the international hotel industry, he now works exclusively with guiding and assisting interested students from USA and Europe.

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Time to apply for the summer term 2024

The next admission is in July 2024, and we are ready to help you with your VISA application and all aspects of your studies.

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