Studying abroad is an experience that goes far beyond the classroom!

Proximity to world-class skiing and vibrant city life is standard with us. Ski resorts such as Verbier, St. Moritz and Zermat are popular weekend getaways for students, and our ‘sports and recreation’ office is dedicated solely to keeping students active after school. With short distances and one of the best train systems in Europe, it’s never far to the leisure and sporting activities you like best.


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Soccer, tennis, golf, table tennis, floorball, watersports and paraflying are just a few examples of what you can do in your free time. Of course, there is also access to a gym, either at the school or nearby, so that students can keep fit and keep up with their studies.

Europe has a modern rail network, offering a safe and fast journey by train. The travel distances are short. From our campus in Le Bouvre it will take 3-4 hours to Paris or Milan, and 7-8 hours to Venice or Rome. Students will get discounts as well.

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When studying abroad and in a multinational environment, it is important to travel, discover and experience. These are memories you will take with you for life

Going on your own weekend trip to Italy or France is popular with students. In addition, there are great opportunities as the school organizes trips and excursions. A wine tour to Italy, Austria or France is organized every year. We also usually arrange a longer trip outside of Europe, as well as a variety of professional tours in restaurants around Switzerland.

Some of these excursions and trips are included in the school fee, others are offered at cost and are then completely optional. Either way, experiencing some of Europe’s best hotels and getting to know Central Europe is inevitable when studying with us.

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