Chef jobs are in demand!

  1. Salaries have increased 24% for chefs in the last 5 years
  2. Projected job growth for chefs is 11% from 2018-2028
  3. There are over 145,115 chefs currently employed in the United States
  4. There are 65,737 active chef job openings in the US based on job postings
  5. The average salary for a chef is $46,824

Source: Zippia

Are you attracted by an international career where the whole world is your workplace?

The hotel, restaurant, service and experience industry is known internationally as “the Hospitality Industry”. For several decades, we have enjoyed strong growth both locally and globally.


The industry is aiming for a rapid recovery and continued expansion in the coming years, with great career opportunities for well-trained and passionate professionals.

While the road ahead may appear uncertain; we anticipate that the challenges along the way, can and will be converted into opportunities by the Travel & Tourism sector. The sector will pivot, stretch, and adapt and ultimately return stronger.

/ World Travel & Tourism Council

Career support from day one

Each of our schools has a careers department with coaches working full-time to help students with internships and career planning. You’ll get help with interview techniques, personal guidance, and access to the International Recruitment Forum and our unique network.

Strong international network

Culinary Arts Academy Switzerland is a part of the Swiss Education Group. And we offer a well-established international industry network, which is accessible to all students at our schools. We open doors for both current students as well as alumni to the most prestigious workplaces across the globe

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