Culinary Arts Academy Switzerland ranked 8th in the world

For the second consecutive year, the Culinary Arts Academy Switzerland has been ranked 8th in the world in hospitality management, confirming our position as one of the best culinary schools in the world and the top culinary school in Switzerland. If 2021 saw our school make an impressive advance in the pantheon of top ten […]

Swiss Grand Diploma – a Roadmap to a New Career. Interview with a Sales Rep turned Pastry Chef

  What would you do if after spending 8 years in a job you realized that you didn’t enjoy it anymore? Well, a recent graduate of Culinary Arts Academy would tell you to follow your heart and never look back. Leandra, who already had substantial experience as a Sales Rep, decided to turn her career […]

The best thing about making pastry is, well, the sweets, of course! Interview with a Culinary arts academy alumni

Something that started as an afterschool hobby is now taking Lina to compete at an international level. Since finishing the Pastry & Chocolate Arts programme in Switzerland, Lina has interned in Hong Kong, went back to Sweden, joined a local hotel as a pastry chef, and became a proud member of a regional culinary team. […]

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