Study to become a chef in Europe, discover our Bachelor of Culinary Arts

Culinary training with world-class theory and practice. The Culinary Arts Academy Switzerland trains the master chefs of tomorrow.

Here, students are offered a complete culinary education from traditional culinary basics to international fine-dining methods. Team spirit and creativity are the watchwords that nurture the students.

The chef training provides students with the knowledge, skill and instinct they need to embark on a successful career in the culinary arts. As part of the final exam, students are asked to demonstrate innovative ideas by developing and producing their own culinary concept.

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Small classes and close collaboration between teachers and students provide students with the personal attention needed to develop into a creative and individual chef. Practising in the school’s fine-dining restaurant during the theory semester provides students with the practical experience they need to be well prepared for their internship semester.

The Culinary Arts Academy Switzerland places great emphasis on offering students the opportunity to actively develop into a professional chef. This is not only done through classroom instruction, but we also organize excursions to restaurants, wineries, food producers, fairs and gastronomic events. Our chef training and bachelor’s degree at the Culinary Arts Academy Switzerland is accredited by the University of Derby in England.

Bachelor of Arts in Culinary Arts, Switzerland, Europe


The Bachelor of Culinary Arts is a three year program with a total of nine terms. We offer students specialized pathways in:

  1. Culinary Arts
  2. Pastry & Chocolate Arts
  3. Vegetarian Culinary Arts

The structure of the program depends on the choices made. The description given here is general. Please contact us for exact plan for each program.

Year 1

  • TERM 1: 11 WEEKS
    • Kitchen fundamentals
    • Food Safety and Sanitation
    • Introduction to Industry Experience
    • Language: French or German
  • TERM 2: 11 WEEKS
    • Specialisations in Culinary, Pastry, Vegetarian
    • Taste through Time: Cultures and History of Gastronomy/Pastry
    • Introduction to culinary/pastry arts
    • Nutrition, Health, and Special Diets
    • Business Communication
    • Language: French or German
  • Optional Internship in Switzerland or abroad (6 months)
  • TERM 3: 11 WEEKS
    • Specialisations in Culinary, Pastry, Vegetarian
    • Taste Through time: Cultures and History of World Gastronomy/Pastry
    • Kitchen Management and Leadership
    • Language: French or German
  • Internship in Switzerland or abroad (4-6 months)

Year 2

  • TERM 4: 11 WEEKS
    • Fine Dining Cooking/Pastry – Theory
    • Fine Dining Cooking/Pastry – Practical
    • Restaurant Service and Management
    • Wine, Beverage, and Mixology (in collaboration with Ritz Paris)
    • Advanced Baking & Pastry (in collaboration with Ritz Paris)
  • TERM 5: 11 WEEKS
    • Innovative Gourmet Cooking/Pastry: – Theory
    • Innovative Gourmet Cooking/Pastry: – Practice
    • The World of Chocolate Arts / Cafe and Bakery: Concepts and Management
    • Food Product Development
    • Applied Research
  • Internship in Switzerland or abroad (4-6 months)

Year 2

  • TERM 6: 11 WEEKS
    • Business Plan for the Entrepreneur 1
    • Culinary Tourism
    • Strategic Marketing for the Food Industry
    • Financial Accounting
  • TERM 7: 11 WEEKS
    • Business Plan for the Entrepreneur 2
    • Food & Beverage Concept Management
    • International Food and Wine Matching
    • Restaurant Design
    • Strategic Restaurant Management


  1. Completed secondary school education (IB Diploma, IBCP Diploma, Maturité, Abitur, French Bac, 2 A-levels, high school diploma or equivalent).
  2. English language proficiency.
  3. Recommended minimum age of 18 years
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